Welsh City (3)

Engine control room   Engine control room
These two photos of the Welsh City control room were taken after the new controls were fitted at at IHI Shipyard at Aioi. All photos copyright © John Howell.
Officers in Welsh City bar   John Cann, Syd Leadbetter, and John's 2 daughters
Danny Trigg with Welsh and Cornish officers.   Bill Gill at Aioi shipyard.

Engineers in smoke room   Photo taken in the smoke room on the Welsh 1970/71. Left to right Dave Smith, Rockey (Racoon, J/E), Alex Adamson (lecky), the Ruston Eng. (name escapes me), Dai Ashwin (4/E) and the 3/E (I think).
The look on our faces does not reflect the usual atmosphere. I assume we hadn't changed a piston liner in a couple of days and were starting to get bored. Copyright © Dave Smith.
Thanks for the photo. It certainly brought back memories for me. On passage home from Australia, whilst bunkering at Capetown, Alec Adamson's wife joined us. He had been busy tidying up his cabin ready for her arrival on board. However, whilst he was ashore meeting her, some of the reprobates got into his cabin and "roughed it up". Often wonder what his reaction was when he unlocked the door. Finally, you must remember the way we "side swiped" our way up the Clyde! All good stuff. John Cann. Posted on forum 14 February 2012.

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