Welsh City (3)

Vessel at sea   Vessel at sea
  These three photos Welsh City at sea off South Africa 1974.


The Welsh City funnel painted in SAF Marine colours 1974.

All photos © copyright Stephen Staines.

Crew and officers on deck at anchor in Capetown
Crew and Officers at anchor off Cape Town 1974
Officers on board. Capt: J J Kalnins, C/O: K B Whitting, 2/O: T Haxell, R/O: E A Willocks, C/E: R J Trigg, JC/E: J J Baghurst, J2/E: H C Roberts, 4/E: C E Stevenson, J/E: P Abbot & H G Haile, Elec: K F Bean, Cat/O: D R Roy, D/App: A A Field, R K Phelps & K F Ballard, E/App: S J Staines.

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