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Deeply shocked and saddened to learn of Dave Mockett's death in Aden. Dave and I sailed together as second and third mate respectively on the Victoria City's maiden voyage in 1971. Lovely man with a wicked sense of humour.
I had the pleasure of meeting his wife Cynthia that trip, and my heart goes out to her and her daughters. Wynford Phillips. Posted on the forum 22 July 2011.

Mick Taylor has sent us 4 photos taken when the Victoria City was in drydock in Kobe in 1980, and these have been added to the bottom of page 7. Eric Poingdestre. Posted on forum 21 November 2013.

Very nice pictures of the Victoria in Kobe which was around June/July 1980 and as I recall a very hot couple of weeks. Mike Taylor and myself located a friendly family bar/restaurant near to the dock where we sampled the delights of local cooking and Sake for a few very pleasant evenings with Mama San and Papa San. We were given a presento the day we left Kobe of a bottle of Sake and the associated traditional serving set. Hope that Mike remembers those days. Mike Savory. Posted on forum 22 November 2013.

I remember the bar/restaurant very well indeed. The menu was on the wall all around the bar and we would point and the owner would say Japanese Spaghetti for noodles etc. Do you remember that I had my right hand crushed taking the hook off a piston we had just lifted and could not drink booze so the owner used to have a pitcher of ice cold green tea for me when went in. I remember the presento, but I remember we gave his children a complete set of UK money up to £10 note. If I remember the bar was just outside the shipyard gates and you sat round 3 sides of a hot plate while the owner cooked and served your food on a heated metal strip in front of you.
When I crushed my hand I remember been taken to the yard hospital in an ambulance with the back doors open and my feet sticking out as I was to tall for the thing. Also the look on the yard workers faces when the big sign was changed from 300 days without an accident to 0. Good times and a Happy ship. Mick Taylor. Posted on forum 29 November 2013.

Happy days. That was my last trip as a single man as got married in November 1980. You have posted some very nice pictures of the Victoria. I have put one on page 6 as we were transiting the Suez Canal en route to Liverpool, following our trip around the Philippines, Singapore, Port Kelang etc. Mike Savory. Posted on forum 30 November 2013.

I might as well turn the thread into a tale of "three Micks". But seriously, Eric and I were amazed at the photo of the Victoria in Kobe DD, minus all means of propulsion and steerage. Can either of you enlighten us the reason for the docking and in particular, the reason for the removal of Rudder, Prop and Tailshaft? Mike Jones. Posted on forum 30 November 2013.

Diary entry for 6th July 1980, Kobe MHI, Victoria City
Quote: Examined Rudder. Palm on stern frame corrosion definitely increased since last d/dock. Unquote.
I was on my way home from dry docking Silvia Sofia at Innoshima and spent 5 days in Kobe waiting for some results from her and Hitachi. At Tom Major's instruction I spent some of this time on Victoria City although I was not directly involved. He was there together with Doug Granger and Keith Fulker as the attending Supers. This was the docking to improve the Cargo Dynamic hatch covers amongst other work.
I would suggest that the photo showing the lack of propulsion and steerage was the result of a Tailshaft Survey coupled with propeller repairs and extensive rudder repairs. The blank over the stern tube would suggest that MHI & RSL intended to undock her whilst these repairs were carried out. Then to re-dock her later. Alternatively this blank was to protect the stern tube from shot blasting of the hull. Perhaps Doug and Keith can enlighten further. David Litson. Posted on forum 30 November 2013.

From what I can remember the repair to the hatch covers was the main reason for the stop off in Kobe. The trip before we joined the Victoria City had carried steel across the Atlantic and the hatches had not sealed correctly incurring a massive insurance claim. MHI were going to modify the hatches. As for the removal of the prop I think though not certain that there was vibration problems. The cover was for protection as we left DD complete with the means to move and point in the right direction. Mick Taylor. Posted on forum 2 December 2013.

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