Victoria City (3)

Captain and radio officer on the bridge   Victoria City trying to get pilot on board Rotterdam Roads in heavy weather.
Photos copyright © Michael Taylor.
Looking at my Discharge book the photos above would have been taken around September 1980. We were trying to get a pilot on board by helicopter, I remember the 2nd mate and 2 of the crew trying to stand on one of the hatch covers waiting for the pilot to be lowed from the helicopter. As you can see from the sea state not the best idea. Michael Taylor. Posted on forum 3 November 2013.
View of stern in drydock with propellor and rudder removed.   Vessel in drydock
View standing on drydock   View from the drydoclk.
These 4 photos were taken in drydock in MHI Kobe in 1980. Photos copyright © Michael Taylor.

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