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I am Jim Murray’s youngest daughter Fiona. To update you Dad unfortunately died in 1994 and also Mum in 1998 both of cancer.
I have many happy memories from my childhood of my time spent on board the ships. We did two six month trips with dad the first starting in 1970 on the Atlantic City,we flew out to Japan on my 8th birthday and spent 6 months carrying Iron ore from Goa to Japan.

The second trip about a year later on the Victoria City boarding in San Diego, during that voyage I note that Reg Smith and Trevor Graham-Russell reported on the lost ship we were involved in finding in the Juan De Fuca Strait, this was on my mums 40th birthday in March 1972, and also of the 3 men we rescued from a dinghy and Mums care of them, this was very touching to read. The names of the men were John (Captain) Don (Engineer) and Jim who was actually an HGV driver. The photo on the right is of Don on the bridge before they were taken ashore. Dad actually met up with John and his family on a later trip.
  Don and Fiona on the bridge

Another point about that trip was that the ship docked in the City of Victoria and it was the first time the Victoria City had been there so we had the mayor and many other dignitaries on board, Dad was presented with 2 pewter plates from the City of Victoria. One which was put up in his cabin and the other engraved to him personally, this is now on my wall at home. Dad presented them with a lifebelt that he had painted accordingly There was also a newspaper article about this which centred around my sister Tracie and I.

Full view of pewter plate   Close up of engraving
The lifebelt which was presented to the Mayor   Photo of John, Dave, and Don in the ship's hospital.
The lifebelt painted by Jim Murray.   John, Dave, and Don in ship's hospital.
In Trevor’s posting he mentions ‘Jumbo’ Coombs I still remember him today as he had a great deal of patience teaching me, who was frightened of water, to swim in the canvas and steel pool, he also gave me the nick name ‘Tig’ short for Tiddler which stuck until Mum died. Fiona Murray learning to swim
I certainly have photos of both trips and think Reg is on some of them. I am sorry my memories are not clearer but I was only nine years old on the second trip. Fiona Martin (nee Murray). Sent by email 27 June 2011.


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