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My Dad (John Tilke) was aboard the Paris city when she beached, and stayed aboard until she was re floated. Having seen your comments about the article in Sea breezes, have tried to obtain a copy of the article for him, but to date unsuccessfully. Would you be able to provide a photocopy of same if I cover all costs as he has never seen it. Incidentally he is currently penning his account of the incident which he remembers in great detail, this, when complete I will make available to all. Adrian Tilke. Posted on forum 4 December 2012.

Hi there
I address this message to whom it may concern.
I am Joaquin, son of the marriage ( Joaquin & Lola ) that was next to the Paris City on the farm where he remained standing.
They made a lot of friends with the sailors who quedarn there three months, one of them named Miguel and was a waiter or chef and was writing at Christmas my parents many years but my parents did not speak English but had a fantastic memory of these people.
My mother was very fond of these 2 men and wept when at 5 months and a half boat departed to England. I was 3 years old but I still have things ship, spoons, light oil
I would love to talk to someone on the boat as it was a very nice time for me.
Greetings from Torrevieja
What I sorry not speak English and write with translator.
Joaquin. Posted on forum 26 February 2016.



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