New Westminster City (4)

Officers on deck   Going ashore in the lifeboat
1972/3. Elec Pete Willmot, Master John Cann, J2/E Colin Gateshill.   1972/3. Two Junior engineers, Colin Gateshill.
Christmas 1972.
Marion and John Cann and their two daughters. Photo taken Amsterdam when the vessel was undergoing repairs after grounding off Cardiff.
All photos copyright © Colin Gateshill.
  John Cann and family

January to July 1975.
L to R. Chas Macey R/O, 2 x deck cadets?, Mrs Snook (hiding at the back), Malcolm (elect) and Vicky Bennington, Eira Davies (2/E's wife), Leighton Seabrooke C/S, Mike Snook 3/E and Joe Cormack C/E.
Children at the front, Isabel and   Robert Bennington. Copyright © Terry Davies.

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