New Westminster City (4)

Officers on deck   Going ashore in the lifeboat
Unknown, Alan Fox, Stan Whitmore, Cadet, Unknown, Diana and Ian Stutt  

Off to the beach for a BBQ.
Elec, 2/E, George Cuthbertson C/E

Two officers on deck   Two officers on deck
Alan Fox and Willie John.  

Stan (the Man) Whitmore and Willie John.


Mo Green, Willie John, and George Cuthbertson having a BBQ on the beach in Pensacola.

These five photos were taken between May and September 1979.
All photos copyright © Willie John.


  Barbeque on the beach

These photos below were take on the last voyage of the New Westminster City before being sold to the Greeks and renamed Kassia. All photos copyright © Willie John.
Can you name these people?  

Kenny Sellar and unknown.


H McLundie, unknown, K Sellar, Cat/Off, Greek Chief Eng and unknown.


K Sellar, unknown. Willie John and H. McLundie

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