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I joined Maria Elisa first time in Kobe on 7th June 1974, T Lambert was 2/E, PJ was 3/E and I was 4th,I can't remember the Chiefs name as yet. When we arrived onboard, a smouldering fire in cotton bales in one of the holds had recently been extinguished and our first job on turning to was to replace all the fixed CO2 fire bottles down below!
We were in Kobe a good few days clearing up the mess and getting everything shipshape again, everyone worked their socks off. Mike Burt. Posted on forum 28th January 2012.

I was drydocking a vessel in Kobe drydock when the Mitsubishi business man came to get me and take me back to the office. On the TV news there were pictures of the fire on the Maria Elisa in Yokaichi. The two of us and an engineer foreman then caught the shinkansen to Nagoya.When we arrived at the gates the ship was right in front of us with smoke pouring out of the hold. When the business men told the customs men who we were we were allowed straight in. This was very unusual as that port was a customs training centre and they used to check our bags and passports even going in. Barty Parkhouse was the master and he was having great problems from stopping the firemen from filling the hold with water and putting her on the bottom. Eric Poingdestre. Posted on forum 28th January 2012.

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