Maria Elisa

Aboard Maria Elisa October 1974 to March 1975. Copyright © John Cann.
Officers outside Imperial Palace Tokyp   2 officers in lounge
Outside Imperial Palace , Tokyo. Staines C/O, Charlesworth C/E, Master John Cann, Taylor R/O.   Christmas 1974. 2/O? - Staines C/O.
5 officers in lounge   Officers in lounge
J/E - Taylor R/O -  John Pagler App - Engineer ?   App? - 3 Engineers?
Two officers in lounge   4 officers in lounge
Charlesworth C/E and Larry Staines C/O   Fred Taylor R/O - Mike Burt 4/E- Pagler - Eng?
Two officers on bridge wing   Four officers in saloon
3/O -  Paggler App   3 Engineers- Cat.Officer Jack Lyons
Christmas 1974   Master and third officer on bridge wing
Master and Officers, Cadet, Mike Burt, John Paggler, unknown, Jack Lyons, Engineer, in front John Cann.   3/O and master John Cann

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