Maria Elisa

Officers on gangway  
L - R: A Beevor-Reid (3/O), P Brown (Elect), G Sizer (D/C), ? D/C, ? E/C, N Carrol (J/E), P Walker (J/E), Lily Beevor-Reid, N Waldron (2/O), J Davie (4/E), P Prendergast (3/E), A Parkhouse (Capt). Both were Christmas 1972.  

L - R: J Davie (4/E), P Prendergast (3/E), ? (D/C), A Parkhouse (Capt), N Carrol (J/E), ? (E/C), C Hartley (C/S), G Sizer (D/C).
D/Cadets are D Hotchkiss and A Ward and the Eng Cadets are D Roberts and D Eley

Maria Elisa in drydock  
Aioi drydock 31st January 1973. On the right P Brown (Elect) G Sizer (D/C), D Thomson (R/O).
3 Officers in Japan



Above: Kamakura - P Brown (Elect), D Morse (C/Eng).

On the right: A Beevor-Reid (3/O), P Brown (Elect), D Thomson (R/O).

3 officers in front of bar   Ice on deck

L - R:   P Brown (Elect), N Carrol (J/E), J Davie (4/E).

  Can anybody recognise the guy on the Fo'csle. All photos copyright © by Dave Thomson.

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