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I was looking through past issues of the Shipmates and in the December issue there was an article by Graham Fennell.
I was junior engineer on the King City from April 58 until September 58 and then 4th Engineer until April 59.
I had been Junior and 4th Engineer on the ss Orient City from December 56 to February 58. As this was a steam ship I went back to Junior engineer on the King City for one voyage.
I remember the incident with the Aspinall governor very well, but could not remember which ship it was. Eric Poingdestre Posted on Forum 16 May 2009.

I was in the King City from Sept. 62 to July 64 as Junior, 4th, and 3rd. We used to pray for a general cargo charter because on that type of employment we rarely had a lightship passage. Lightship passages with the Aspinall governor were guaranteed to keep you on your toes and lucky to keep all your fingers.
I remember coming from Durban to Cape Town on one occasion when we were down to 40rpm and the governor still cutting in as the propeller was out of the water more than it was in. Thankfully this was only a short haul and soon over. Even after 45 years I can still remember it.
Roger Shannon. Posted on Forum 16 May 2009.

September 1962 was when I left the King City for study leave and to take my 2nds ticket,i didn't sail on the King City again .I think it was the only ship that I experienced the governor problem.
Another incident crossing the north Pacific during a bad storm the chief officers cabin port window was stoved in causing a fair bit of damage with glass embedded in a number of places. I think it was lunch time and those not on watch were eating at the time, so fortunately no one was in the room at the time.We reduced speed after that. I can't remember what ship it was but it could have been the King City.Does any one else remember this incident? Graham Fennell. Posted on Forum 16 May 2009.

My first voyage as Electrician was on the MV King City in November 1960. We sailed from Rushbrook Drydock in Cork harbour for Safi in Morocco to load for China. Captain: Idris Williams, C/O: Oliver Lindsay, 2/O: Geoff Garlic. Chief Engineer was Ernie Wilkinson, 2/E: Don Donaldson. We paid off in Belfast in September 1961. I rejoined the King City as did most of the others in Sunderland in October 1961. Captain was Mark Higgins. We paid off again in Belfast in April 1962. Sean Cullinane. Posted on Forum 23 March 2010.

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