On 30th June 1985 Reardon Smith Line ceased to exist, and that sadly meant an end to the monthly Newsletters which had proved to be such a popular link amongst ship and office staff alike. Though still missing a few of the early editions, the reprinted copies were added to the WebPages some time back, and have proved to be of considerable interest to members. Over a decade after the publication of the last Newsletter, Tim Lawson, with the able assistance of Alec Osborne, Oliver Lindsay, Tom Major and John Reardon Smith, set about renewing that link between old Reardon Smith shipmates, and in December 1996, the first edition of the aptly named Shipmates magazine was published, and sent out to as many past personnel that they were able to get in touch with. It was produced quarterly, and proved a great success to all those fortunate enough to receive a copy.

Sadly, three years after Shipmates was first published, Tim Lawson died in January 1999. However, Alec Osborne then took over the editorship, and together with Oliver Lindsay, regularly produced the quarterly editions for several years. The old format Shipmates contained many interesting articles, both by the production staff themselves and items submitted by past colleagues. Fortunately, we have been given permission to reproduce theses edition on the WebPages, and we feel they will nicely compliment the collection of Newsletters, particularly as not all of our members will have had the opportunity to browse through them. We hopefully plan to add one issue per week.
The founder members of Shipmates. L to R: Tim Lawson, Oliver Lindsey, John Reardon Smith, Alec Osborne, Thomas Major.
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1996       Issue No.1
1997 Issue No.2 Issue No.3 Issue No.4 Issue No.5
1998 Issue No.6 Issue No.7 Issue No.8 Issue No.9
1999 Issue No.10 Issue No.11 Issue No.12 Issue No.13
2000 Issue No.14 Issue No.15 Issue No.16 Issue No.17
2001 Issue No.18 Issue No.19 Issue No.20 Issue No.25
2002 Issue No.22 Issue No.23 Issue No.24 Issue No.25 (2)
2003 Issue No.26 Issue No.27 Issue No.28 Issue No.29
2004 Issue No.30 Issue No.31 Issue No.32 Issue No.33
2005 Issue No.34 Issue No.35 Issue No.36 Issue No.37
2006 Issue No.38 Issue No.39 Issue No.40 Issue No.41
2007 Issue No.42 Issue No.43 Issue No.44  

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