Eastern City (4)

Damage after the collision View on deck after collision
These photos were taken the next morning when the ship had returned and anchored in Kobe.

The collision leaving Kobe on the Eastern City was with the Indian vessel Vishva Vir.
I know I have an account somewhere of the incident and a photograph of the damage and the bamboo scaffolding in place in Kobe harbour. I joined the vessel in Wilmington Jan.'67 and left in Antwerp June'67.
The collision happened just after midnight at the change of the watch but Captain Ledbetter
was in charge. After clearing the narrows of Kobe harbour we steamed south down the Kii Suido. Everything was secure and I along with the rest of the crew except the watch-keepers were in bed.  At the next lighthouse we would alter course to port about
45 degrees the Indian vessel was on reciprocal courses but the vessels became too close and the mix up occurred. We altered to port but did not sound two short blasts as required.
The Indian vessel became confused and her bow hit the starboard side abreast No 1 hatch
and scraped down the starboard side. A hole from the tank top about 40 feet across in
as far as the hatch coaming. All thoughts then were to prevent the ship sinking by
discharging the forward ballast. At one point it was thought to run the ship aground but
gradually the water in No.1 hold started to subside so we turned the vessel around and
slow steamed back to Kobe. Captain Leebetter just could not believe it had happened.
If my memory is correct neither vessel was held fully to blame because we had not
sounded two short blasts. Jeff Birrell was the second Mate. 
I will have to try and find my notes but hope the above is of some help. David Griffith-Jones.
I was the Chief Enginner at the time. Eric Poingdestre.

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