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My first ship which I sailed in with Smith's was the "Chiyoda" and joining her in Japan in August 1970 was quite a journey to say the least!
Traveled from Cardiff by train and bus to Heathrow to catch a plane to Amsterdam where we stopped overnight.Next day back to Schipol to board our plane for Japan.The plane,B.A.747 had been rigged to carry both passengers and cargo and,we,plus a crew joining a Shell tanker "out East",were the only passengers.We flew via Frankfurt, Rome, Beirut, Abadan, Karachi and Bangkok where we had a 6 hour stopover in a hotel to freshen up. Back to the airport, we'd parted with the Shell tanker lads, and flew on a scheduled flight to Manila and on to Tokyo where we learned that the ship wasn't in Chiba but in Moji. We were put on a flight to Nagoya and we were wrong in thinking that we were to catch a flight to Moji, but no we were put on a bus.
Eventually arrived in Moji after traveling for the best part of 72 hours in the middle of the night and another night in a hotel before joining the ship next morning in lovely bright sunny weather.
Capt. Parkhouse was Master, can't remember the C/O except that he lived in Rome?, the 2/O: Evan Walmsley, 3/O: Mike Gaffney, C/S: Charlie Allen? not sure about C/E but might have been Robbie Bell?, 2/E: Rod Binns,3/E: Les Mcgill, 4/E: Ollie Williams. Names of everyone else has escaped me in the mists of time. A happy ship and a good bunch to sail with. Mike Snook. Posted on forum 30 March 2011.

Like Mike Snook, the Chiyoda was my first ship with RSL and I well remember that awful and seemingly endless trip to Moji. I remember when we were flying over the med. the plane hit clear air turbulance and dropped like a stone without any warning. Not good for a first time "long haul" passenger. I wonder if you remember that Mike? I was to be the R/O, but for some reason the old R/O was going to stay on until the ship reached the discharge port. Just before we arrived at Panama we received a message that I was to transfer to the Devon City because their R/O had fallen ill. Unfortunately the Devon was a few days astern of us and so I went ashore with the agent, but instead of being put up in a nice hotel, I found myself in a sort of open prison for DBS's and other undesirables. Being young and stupid I didn't complain, but instead enjoyed the fleshpots of Panama with a couple of dodgy Italian fellow inmates. When the Devon finally arrived at the canal her R/O had made a miraculous recovery and so it was all for nothing. Much later when I talked to the marine super. about my accommodation he was horrified. (Most likely because the company had been billed for a five star hotel)! Happy days. Andrew Vost. Posted on forum 9 April 2011.

Like Mike Snook and Andy Vost my first ship was also the Chiyoda, although the journey to the vessel was not as tedious as was for Mike and Andy, in fact it was a relatively simple matter. I joined the ship in Antwerp, Feb 1971 as a junior engineer so possibly met Mike. Two weeks later we were in Newport loading cars for Baltimore (having first called at Drammen in Norway) , next cargo was grain from New Orleans discharging in Tokyo Bay and back loading cars in Nagasaki? for Europe a long haul across the Pacific and Atlantic to Newport again, where I signed off. I do remember we had a lot of problems with the engine due to contamination of the fuel on a previous voyage.
My memory is a bit hazy about the compliment but some names I do remember are
Captain Pete Burroughs, 2nd Mate Julian York, 3rd Mate Pete McNally C/E John Townshend, 2/E John Gilmartin(I think)& wife from Dublin , 3/E Les Magill, 4/E Dave Williams & wife Sue, E/E Wilfie Carr the rest escape me for now and apologies if some names are in error. Chris Anderson. Posted on forum 16 September 2011.

We loaded coal in Norfolk and had just about completed but I was told that the stevedores were awaiting one more truck - 100 tons. Nipped down to my cabin for a beer or a leak (can't remember which!!), went back out on deck and a cheery chief stevedore said " All done Mr. Mate, we put it in No.1."
I can't remember exactly what the tons per inch immersion was by putting 100 tons into No.1 hold, but I knew it was not good and on reading the draft we were about eight inches by the head. Pilot/Surveyor arrives - "Sorry Captain, you are eight inches by the head, I'm not clearing you until you are on an even keel".
Oh,dear, not a good start for my first cargo!! They put us out to anchor with instructions to phone with the draft when we were on an even keel.
Geoff Garlic brushed it off, but I could tell he was p..... off!!
The Chief Engineer moved some oil around and at about three in the morning, we were just about even keel. Geoff phoned the Surveyor and a sleepy voice said " OK Cap" - on your way". Never forgotten it. Al Nichol. Posted on forum 29 September 2011.

I was 2nd. mate on Chiyoda from January1970 `til Antwerp in Feb. 1971 and have all the ports we called at but unfortunately have no records left of the people who sailed during that time.
Eastern City: Converted to Bulk/Car carrier in Oslo Jan/March 1970.
Sailed from Oslo(as the Eastern City)21March`70 Light ship for Houston-calling at Falmouth for stores
on the 24th. March.
Arrived Houston 7th. April to load Soya beans and Sorghums for Shimizu and Yokkaichi (total cargo 25,172tons)
Arrived Shimizu 15th. May `til 21st. May.1970. .....Yokkaichi 22nd.May`til 30th. May.
Arrived Nagoya31st.ready to load at 0900 having washed out, car decked and pontooned overnight.
Completed loading and sailed for San-juan(P.Rico) and Jacksonville (Total cars 1,700) at 1600hrs 1st. June1970
Sorry,dates for discharge these ports now illegible but arrived Pascagoula (miss.) Sun. 5th July1970
Finished loading midnight Wed.8th July (25,962 TonsMaize) for Moji.
Arrived Moji 9th.Aug. 1970.Anchored off to lighten ship prior to berthing.
Closed Articles on 12th. August.Official name change to Chiyoda for New Articles (change crew). Evan Walmsley. Posted on forum 01 October 2012.

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