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I was R/O on the Chiyoda in 1970 but cant remember dates. Remember loading coal in Mobile with the berth
right next to a huge chemical works. Whilst discharging in japan and pumping ballast, the ship developed a huge list as ballast lines had corroded through due(if I remember rightly) due to the chemicaly contaminated water in the pipes from the close proximity of the chemical works in Mobile.
Also remember that Evan Walmsley and Capt Parkhouse were going for a full year out of the UK to obtain "Non residence" tax status, but on the return trip from Japan with cars for discharge in Drammen/Norway, we got orders to proceed to Cardiff to discharge the last of the cars.
I think Evan and Capt Parkhouse left in Drammen as they only had a few weeks to go to April 6th. Evan ended up in Hamburg but had to return to the UK before April 6th as his finances had run out !!

I left RSL when the Chiyoda arrived in Cardiff and it was my last British flag ship going to foreign flag ships (including 9 years with an American based company from Oakland/Calif which I stayed with for over nine years), fantastic ships and equally fantastic salaries.
Find the forum very interesting even though I only did 18 months with RSL, my first and only British company. The other 18 years were all foreign flag. Dave (Dai) Davies. Posted on forum 28 March 2014.

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