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It seems crazy now that apart from a few documents from RSL I have almost nothing from what was a very important (if short) part of my life. I suppose at 17 - 22 years of age there are much more important things to do than keep a record of what is happening ! Maybe some things were better off not recorded !!
Acccording to my certificate of service I was on the Australian City from 6.2.67 until 2.12.67. I think I joined in Longbeach and paid off in Madras. Crossing the line ticket which you signed puts the ship 37 degrees West. Near the coast of South America I believe but since I never went there I assume we were heading somewhere from one of the US ports. Phil Trott. Posted on Forum 18 October 2010.

Hi Phil, Saw your post looking for info on this voyage. We were on the Australian City in 1967. I was the Electrician. We signed on in New Orleans on the 7th of July. Idris Williams was Capt. Tony Lightfoot was mate and I think Danny Trigg was Chief Eng. We signed off in Madras on December 3rd and signed on again on the 4th of Dec. with Mark Higgins Capt. We signed off again on the 9th of February 1968 in Genoa and flew home from Milan. The in between bits have faded but someone might remember and let us know. Sean Cullinane. Posted on Forum 25 October 2010.

I joined “Australian City” at New Orleans 7th July 1967, relieving Pete Boroughs as Mate, and we sailed for Japan 13th. Voyage thereafter as follows :- Mon July 17 arrived/berthed Cristobal. Tues. July 18 transit Panama Canal. Sun Aug 13 arr. Shimizu,Fri 18th berthed alongside, Wed Aug 30 sailed for Moji.
Fri Sept 1st Arr Moji, Tues Sept 12 Sailed for U.S. Gulf. Sun Oct. 8 Arr. Balboa & Bunkered,  Mon Oct 9  Transit Panama Canal, Sat Oct 14 Arr Houston, Mon Oct 16 sailed for India, Sun Nov 12 Arr Durban for bunkers/stores, Mon Nov 13 Sailed for Madras,  Sun Nov 26 Arr Madras anchorage, Wed Nov 29 Berthed Madras.     Dec 2nd Goodbye Capt Idris Williams and App Phil Trott.
Anthony Lightfoot. 4 November 2010.

Written in a spirit of amused respect.
On Aussie's maiden voyage Rodney Fawkes was our first trip Engineer Cadet who was the only person on board to achieve international fame.
His girlfriend missed him sorely and must have been writing to him at least once or twice a day.
The reults were spectacular--in EVERY port agents would come on board bearing a sack full of mail and soon the voice of the sorter would be mumbling out "Fawkes , Lloyd,Fawkes,Fawkes, Jones, Shannon,Fawkes,Fawkes,Fawkes and Fawkes,Russell,Turnbull and,deep breath,Fawkes,Fawkes------"
We would look on enviously as he went off with about twelve hours'reading material while we opened our solitary notes ,written on paper torn out of the back of an old notebook with messages along the lines of "The cat died-can you send £3.10 for a new one"
Envy increased as agents boarded with attractive office assistants desperate with curiosity hoping to On the first relief of the maiden trip , the lads departed on a coastal ferry to Bombay -an experience I rather envy--does anyone have any memories of that journey? John-did you come down by ferry?
I later rejoined the Indian City --lovely flight via Moscow (the most unwelcoming airport ever) and a notsolovely flight in an ancient Fokker Friendship catch a glimpse of this marvel. Peter Turnbull. Posted on Forum 12 August 2010.

I was never 'lucky' enough to travel on the Bombay ferry but who remembers the ferries that came into Goa from East Africa before our lunatic friend Idi Amin threw the Indians out of Uganda. The passengers disembarked straight onto the platform of the railway station which was just down the quay from the ore berth. I was watching a train leave and it was packed, with people sitting on the roof and hanging out the doors. I asked the seacunny where it was going and he casually said "Madras". Madras!!, one and a half days sitting on a train roof, you couldn't make it up.
I remember another time during a crew change in Bombay. I asked a donkeyman about his travel 'plans' for his trip to Madras which was going to take him a couple of days at least. No problem he says "I just tie my luggage to my leg and go to sleep". Seemed pretty simple to me. Colin Gateshill. Posted on Forum 12 August 2010.

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