Australian City (1)

Christmas party 1965 Christmas party 1965

Voyage 2 - 1965
The two photos above were taken in the smokeroom on Christmas Day 1965.

The photo on the right was taken the same
year but during voyage 1.

Three engineers standing on deck


The two ships alongside in shipyard In the ship's wheelhouse

Kawasaki Shipyard June 1966.
Australian and Eastern City alongside in Kawasaki Shipyard, both with propeller nut problems.
The photo on the right shows Arthur Thompson, John Cann, and Capt George Harvey. A Publicity photo taken by the shipyard. Judging by John Cann's snug fit she must have been a good feeder.

Apprentices ashore Apprentices at work
Manly 1965. Apprentices Wilson, Roger Cruttendon, Hames, 3/O Ralph Woodward   Sydney - March 1965. Apprentices at work.
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