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Wilkawa 2nd December 1969 to 20th April 1970.
Master: T W D John, C/O: J. Cann, 2/O: D J A Nicholl, 3/O: P. Hames: R/O: D.Short, C/E: Bob Chambers, 2/E: John Hewson, 3/E: Tex G.Russell,4/E: O. G. Williams, J/E: C. Weaver, J/E: R. Cowling, Elect: H. L. Reynolds, C/S: R. W. Scott, Dk Cadets: P. M. Asquith, P. Bradbury, S. Osgerby, Eng Cadet: M.Hannaford

Voyage details. Norfolk.Va., Panama, Amagasaki, Yokohama, Panama, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Panama, Wakayama, Long Beach Calif. Voyage ends.

Hi Terry (Price), I have a feeling that we sailed together on a trip in Wilkawa in 1972. I was a junior engineer at the time. The C/E was Dave Senior, Terry Davies was first trip 4/E and I think that Eddie Hulm was 3/E. I cannot recall anyone else. I remember that we loaded a cargo of Rover cars in Southampton for a number of ports in Australia but where else we sailed to is a bit vague. Michael Burt. Posted on forum 12 February 2012.

How could I forget your goodself! What a beard eh? I remember doing a 'double header' on the Wilkawa (Feb to Nov 1972), signing on for a 2nd. trip in Southampton. I too struggle to recall many of the chaps I sailed with…. even after a 10 month trip! I have posted a few photos that will be of interest to you Mike (Burt). Terry Price. Posted on forum 19 February 2012.

A skillfull and expeditious repair. one of the most interesting engineering breakdowns that I experienced was on my voyage in Wilkawa in 1972. The main engine was a Sulzer 6RD90, I think, the type with those awfull rotary exhaust valves!
We had a coolant water leak into the crankcase which was traced to a split seam on number 4 unit piston water cooling supply trunk. We stopped for about 5 hours to remove the hopper comlete with chain blocks and various purchases to land it on the floor plates.
Fortunately, one of the juniors was a skilled welder who had done his time at Llanwern Steelworks, I cant remember his name , but he did a great job of gas welding1
After refitting and testing successfully we were on our way again.
The posting title comes from the telex we received from Head Office which was much appreciated along with the few cases of beer from the Chief! Michael Burt. Posted on forum 18 February 2012.

Hi Terry Price, possibly we have met very briefly as I joined the Wilkawa on a hot sticky night in November 1972, it was my 2nd trip and I was signed on as the fiver, the ship had loaded with grain and was at anchor by the bend in the river awaiting the change over, this happened about 2 or 3 oclock in the morning and did not last very long as we had to get underway.
Some of the others I joined with were Captain Willy Cross, George Cuthbutson, Evan Sefton, Clive Greenwood, Jackie Chatton, Walter Hutchings and as has been said it was over 38 years ago & I have forgot the other men.
After the relieved crew departed we went onto stand by and as we did the bottom feel out of the main water jacket cooler for the engine, very quickly we had a lot of water on the tank tops, all of us in brand new boiler suits and boots stood in muddy water to do a repair.
That was the start of an eventful trip not least our fair share of exhaust valve problems,
I was on watch with Jackie Chatton & this went very well until he lost his dentures down the engine room tank tops, the ER crew and us juniors spent quite a time serching for them, one of the donkey men did mange to find them, Jackie swilled them off in some Gamlen and put them in his pocket for further cleaning.

I sailed with Captain Willy several times and you where always in for an eventful time, the first time I saw him go ashore was in the company of 2 guards in Cristobal after we had a bunker spill in the middle of the night, boy did he let us engineers know he was not happy being escorted ashore in his pyjamas, dressing gown & slippers by guards.
Like you I live in an elevated postition which is about 1000 ft up and we look over the ports of Newport and across to the Royal Portbury docks, while Portbury docks gets lots of traffic Newport get very few ships.

The Wilkawa along with the other 2 car carriers tested the metal of a lot of people but I guess we all came through for our greater good. Willie Davies. Posted on forum 22 February 2012.

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