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I received a telegram from the office on 15th September 1961 to join the Atlantic City at Dover as she was on passage from Rotterdam with Mr Tom Major superintendent was sailing as chief engineer. Whilst vessel was in Rotterdam drydock the Chief Engineer Steve Willis fell down the steering flat stairs and broke his ankle. The agent at Dover arranged a launch could take me to the ship in the Straits of Dover. When I got on board Mr Major was in a bit of a mess as he only had one generator running out of three and the main engine lubricator oil pressure was only 19 psi wearied should be 25 psi. And this gave us two generators running so it was decided to go to Falmouth the sort out the main engine oil problem. We spent eight days I just think main engine bearings and only managed to improve the lube oil pressure to 21 psi. Anyway I agreed the sale and sort out the problem on voyage. After we passed Panama can now I've found a joint meeting in the lube oil suction line. After renewing this joint we had more lube oil pressure then I knew what to do with, and the lube oil consumption went down to almost nil.

The voyage went as follows:- Capt Harry Lloyd Evans, C/O Ernie Tickner, R/O Bull, C/E Alec Osborne, 2/E Whilly Shears, 3/E Mr Johnson, 4/E Phillip Curtis, J/E Geroge from Germany.

Signed on 16/9/1961. Signed off 5/9/1962. Wages £120 a month.

From To Cargo Miles
Dover Falmouth Lightship 278
Falmouth Norfolk (Virginia USA) Lightship 3690
Norfolk Chiba (via Panama Canal) Grain 10,639
Chiba Yokohama (shifting boards)   23
Yokohama Geraldton Lightship 4276
Geraldton Malta (via Aden & Suez) Grain 7,242
Malta Port Said Lightship 936
Port Said Tokyo (viaSuez & Aden) Salt 7,355
Tokyo Wallaroo Lightship 5,470
Wallaroo London Grain 10,872
London Hull Part grain 226
Hull Cardiff (Vessel laid up until it was sold). 6,177

I stood by the vessel at Cardiff Queen Alexander Dock until the sale drydock when the vessel was renamed "Achillet" November 1962. Alec Osborne.
This article from the collection of the late Alec Osborne. Copyright © Reardon Smith Ships.

To read the full article written by Alec go to this pdf file.

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