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I joined the Atlantic City on the 17th March 1958 as a first trip apprentice.

The senior apprentice on that trip was "Mac" from Barry, South Wales who told me he had just come from a laid up vessel in Cardiff which I think was the Madras City but there may have been more than one vessel there at the time.

I was on the Cardiff platform with my parents and sister in my brand new uniform when this character appeared in a very scruffy uniform and hat perched in a funny position on his head with a fag hanging out of the corner of his mouth and carrying a cardboard box suspended from a rough piece of rope (He had given his luggage to a porter). He walked past and gave me a very derisive look - I remember my mother saying "I hope that chap is not on your ship - he looks very hungover!" We finally met up in the train refreshment bar on our way to Manchester. That evening he and the other 2 apprentices took me down to the Clewes in Salford, which was (for me anyway!) a bit of an eye opener. We went to Coatzacoalcos Mexico to load bulk sulphur for the UK and Mac paid off then I believe, as he was already out of his time.

I stayed on the Atlantic until February 1960 and enjoyed every minute of it (well that's my memory anyway). My room mate for the most part was Roger Hughes (Jasper) Smith from Bath.

The reason that Mac was wearing his uniform that day was that someone from the office had seen the 4 apprentices downtown Cardiff when they were on the Madras? wearing jeans and flying jackets (the style of the day!) and had complained about the image they presented - I was wondering if you knew anything about that yourself! Anyway, it resulted in Supt Capt Ford coming down to the vessel to see what clothes were actually hanging in the apprentices wardrobe and of course they only had the above mentioned items. They were told that uniforms would be worn in future at all times.

I can remember: Capt: Passmore, C/O: George Ellerby, C/E: Gerry Elder, 2/E: Jack Chatten, 3/E: Wynn Evans, 2/O: Jim Murray.

Like you I was also on the Cornish City joining her in April 1960 (6 weeks after leaving the Atlantic) and stayed on her until the end of 1961. Tony Crowther. Posted on forum 16 May 2010.

With regards to uniforms that is a sore point with me, my parents spent money they could hardly afford, equipping me with the gear recommended by Smiths,the uniform I had to wear on my first trip as working clothes cleaning the holds, until I was able to buy jeans & shirt in USA. I only once wore my uniform as an apprentice & that was for meals on the Fresno. As for all the other items recommended Drawing Board,Tee Set,Fisherman's Boots,& Socks and many other useless items (they never suggested working clothes) when all that was needed was a pair of Wrangler jeans & shirt. Who ever made that list up in the office never went to sea? Sorry to go on about this subject, have never mentioned it before but your mentioning the Superintendent reminded me of it all. John Martin. Posted on forum 25 May 2010.

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