Built in 1900 by Gray of West Hartlepool, 3077gt, LBP 98.9m, Beam 14.4m. Her service speed was 8 knots.
1900 Built for Hull Steamship Co. Ltd.
1910 The Glasgow Navigation Co.
1918 Letricheux Line of Swansea.
1918 Cornborough Steamship Co.
1924 St Just Steamship Co and still registered in Swansea.
1924 Saisho Maru. Saijiro Yamamoto of Japan.
1929 Saisho Maru. Sho Yamamoto.
1933 Bansai Maru. Kusakabe Kissen KK.
1945 Sank 17 March after hitting a mine whilst approaching Shanghai.


Anglo African in the 1930's.
Yarbourgh in the River Avon on the way to Bristol.

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