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Officers in the ship's bar   The group picture includes Dougal Quale, Kenny Hampton, Robbie Bell, Jack Ross.
Photo supplied by Robbie Bell April 2010

Unless I am mistaken, the chap on the far right with a fag in his hand is Julian Jackson. Strangley enough, I had him as Mate in the Tacoma in 1974/1975. John Cann. Posted on the forum 17 April 2010

The chap behind Robbie Bell's left shoulder - Is that Bob Day (2/E)from Cwm in the Valleys? Bryan Boyer. Posted on the forum 17 April 2010

Is that John Gardiner with the glasses and the long hair? David Ricketts. Posted on the forum 18 April 2010

I am reliably informed by my daughter that the Bar on the Tacoma was named "The Old Groaner" and sported a large picture of Bing Crosby who came from Tacoma Washington. As they say, "Not many people know that"!! John Cann. Posted on the forum 17 July 2010

The Barman at the back looks to be Julian Smith who I sailed with on the Chiyoda Ex Eastern city.
Mike Frazer. Posted on the forum 24 July 2010

Not sailed on the Tacoma, but who could not forget the "amazing" Colin Hughes (with pipe -of course)-Bar Stool right. He must have been the most 840 sailed engineer in the fleet. Chris Kisch. Posted on the forum 9 June 2010

I can confirm Chris, as the amazing Colin Hughes is my Dad!, so great to find this photo with a bit of direction from my Uncle Gerald! Rachel Pearce. Posted on the forum 21 July 2011

Tacoma City. 2/3/74 to 6/8/74

Master: J.Cann,C/O: R. A. H. Vanner, 2/O: M. Gafney: 3/O: P. Coles, R/O: J. Mathews, C/E: Eddie Morgan, 2/E: D. Jennings, 3/E: K. Walmsley, 4/E: K. Davies, J/E: P. Beavis, C.S: Pete awley, Dk Cadet: J. Pagler, E.Cadet: D. Eley.

2/3 Durban, 16/3 Vizag, 13/4 Wakayama, 30/4 Victoria B.C., 13/5 Panama, 24/5 Baltimore, 27/5 Camden, 29/5 Newark, 30/5 Newhaven, 1/6 Providence, 10/6 Corpus Christi, 27/6 Rotterdam, 16/7 Baton Rouge, 5/8 Brest. Voyage ends.
John Cann. Posted on the forum 8 February 2010

Tacoma City. 31/5/75 to 2/11/75

Master: J.Cann,C/Os: J. Jackson & P. Deschamps, 2/O: J. Ashley, 3/O: P. Godding, R/O: Eddie Willocks, C/E: Dennis Amey, 2/E: John Cullen, 3/E: Keith Aust, J3/E: R. Saunders,J4E: M. Smith,J/E: S. Brown, J/E: A. Budge, Elect: F.Pring, CS: Leo Slawinski.

31/5 Philidelphia, 13/6 San Juan P.R., 2/7 Santa Fe, 10/7 Bahia Blanca, 24/7 Durban, 18/8 Hakata, 19/8 Nagoya, 26/8 Kashima, 5/9 Osaka, 9/9 Chiba, 15/9 Hirohata, 6/10 Panama, 31/10 Bilbao, 2/11 Falmouth. Voyage ends.
John Cann. Posted on the forum 12 February 2010

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