Tacoma City (3)

Tacoma City 1979.Copyright © Roger Miller.

In the centre Colin Harrhy (Purser) has obviously said something saucy to the young lady sitting on his lap, and is that Kevin Warner behind Colin. John Cullen.
The chap second from the left at the back looks like Ian Smith. Robbie Bell.
That is Geoff Shaddock, electrician, with the specs and moustache towards the front. Willie John.

The following is the list of Officers who were aboard at the time.
Captain: M. C. Hurst, C/O: R. E. Baker, 2/O: I .A. Smith, 3/O: I. C. Miller, R/O's: R. G. Miller, C/E: R. Ellison, 2/E: P. J. Walker, 3/E: M. Causer, 4/E: K. R. Negele, J/E: T. P. Young, J/E: A. Hamilton, Elec: G. Shaddock, C/S: C. J. Harrhy, Cadets: A. M. Russell, R. A. Holloway, C. J. Wren , R. W. Price.

Three officers in the bar   Can anybody identify these four people?

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