Sara Lupe

Bent Jumbo on the Sara Lupe  

A collapsed Jumbo April 1979.

The Stevadores had managed to run the topping wire completely free of the topping winch!  I cannot recall which port we were in, but do recall Ray McNulty was the Skipper.

I had just taken over temporarily from Andy Jaggers (C/O) who had to fly home for personal reasons. This happened within hours of the change-over........ nightmare! Behind the Jumbo you will note a gathering of personnel. I'm second from the left with the chicken legs & hand on hip wondering...... eh, what next? I cannot recall who the others may have been. Copyright © Terry Price.

If my memory serves me well I was one of the culprits to the right of the photo in a boiler suite (deck cadet)! From what I can recollect we where discharging steel coils in Vera Cruz. It wasn't the first time that trip that the derricks colapsed. I think we went on to load/discharge in Savannah Georgia, where I paid off. Brian Collings. Posted on forum 19 November 2012.

The photo below was taken in the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay on the 16th October 1974 and was a retirement dinner arranged by the Ship's agent for Danny Lloyd and his wife.

L to R: Bob McLean C/E, Bill Gill superintendant, Mrs McLean, agent and his wife, Danny and Mrs Lloyd, Terry Davies 2/E, Tim Lawson Mate  and Willie Carr Elect super.

Bill Gill and Wiilie Carr were on the ship primarily because we were changing a centre casing of a turbo charger. Photo copyright © Terry Davies.

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