Quebec City (2)

Built in 1927 by Gray of Sunderland, for St.Just Steamaship Co.Ltd., Bideford
4745: LBP 122.1m: Beam 16.6m: Service speed 11.0kts.

1927 Quebec City. St.Just Steamaship Co.Ltd., Bideford.
1928 Quebec City. Reardon Smith Line Ltd., Bideford.
1942 Torpedoed and sunk by U-156 in 02.12S:17.36W on 19th September on passage from Alexandria to the UK, via the Cape, with a cargo of cotton and general. One crew member was lost from her compliment of 41.


Quebec City at BC probably 1930's
Quebec City 1927 to 1942.
Photo probably taken early 1930's. copyright © Reardon Smith Ships

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