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As previously mentioned in the King City/Quarrydene forum, please find attached a scan of the log of the Quarrydene on what may have been the last voyage under that name. She sailed from the Tyne on 09/01/1919 to Christiana (Oslo) and Frederikstad in Norway and back to Cardiff on 07/02/1919. My grandfather was Horace Ashton Jewell, 1st Mate. Jon Sowell. Sent by email 22 July 2015.

Thank you indeed, for the scans of the OLB and Crew Agreement of the Quarrydene, in which your grandfather served as 1st Mate. My apologies for being somewhat tardy in replying, but I thought I would try and find out more details about your ancestor’s time at sea. It would appear he sat and passed his 2nd Mates Certificate in 1916 and his 1st Mate’s in Sept.1918. There is no record of his Masters Certificate, so perhaps he left the sea sometime after his voyage aboard the Quarrydene. There are two records of him visiting New Orleans: one as AB aboard the Hain Ship s.s.Trehawke in 1915, and the other as 2nd Mate aboard the s.s.Roselands in 1916. They would seem to indicate that after completing his apprenticeship, he sailed briefly as AB in order to earn sufficient funds to sit for his 2nd Mates; quite a common practice in those days as shipowners were not overly generous in that respect! Mike Jones. Emailed on 28 July 2015.

Many thanks for the information regarding my grandfather. Of course you may reuse the images. I look forward to seeing them. If I come across anything else relevant I will let you know. Jon Sowell. Sent by email 28 July 2015.

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