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s.s. "Jersey City" 1950. The Apprentices were as follows:- Brian "Buck" Sharp/ John "Bubbles" Martin/ Geoff "Whippet" Cross and myself. This particular John Martin was a remote relative of my wife. He left RSL For Shell Tankers and the next time I encountered him was Pulo Bokum, Singapore. At that time not all ships went alongside to bunker but secured alongside a storage vessel and J.M. was in charge of the bunkering operation.

Years later, when I first went out to Jebel Dhanna I was subjected to a period of training before they would let me lose with a VLCC! The Senior Pilot who trained me was one, John Wright. He had migrated from Singapore and was a great pal of John Martin! (small world)

Finally, I have it on very good authority that John "Bubbles" Martin passed away about four years ago. John Cann. Posted on forum 25 January 2011.

The name of Brian Sharp rang a bell. He was 2nd Mate on the Homer City Jan '54 to Oct '54 when I was apprentice. Did your paths cross at Greenock in Oct '54 when you joined as 3rd Mate ? I often wondered what became of him - I believe he was going home to get married (to a lady doctor) after that trip. Did you ever hear of him again John? Tony Lightfoot. Posted on forum 29 January 2011.

I don't recall encountering him when I joined in Greenock but, of course, he could have left before I got there. Always remember he came from Reading.
"Bradford City"-April to Sept 1952. There was a lumber strike in Vancouver and four Smithships were held up waiting to load, anchored in the harbour and using our lifeboats to get ashore.
We were there some considerable time This is where I saw Brian for the last time. He was 3/O "Fresno City" with Danny Lloyd. A bunch of us took off up Indian Arm for a picnic. I might even have a pic someplace.Will dig. John Cann. Posted on forum 29 January 2011.
See also Bradford City page 2.
  Jersey City. Dunkirk 1955.
Brian Sharp (App), Richardson (App) - his father was a senior Officer with Bristol City Police. Photo copyright © John Cann.

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