Jersey City (3)

Jersey City. Date and place not known.

Jersey City bunkering in Dakar 1950. Copyright © John Cann.
Although it was 61 years ago, I distinctly remember trotting along the quay in Dakar to take that pic!! with my old "Brownie".
I must have been keen, as - somewhere - I have a photo taken up on the mainmast table - more or less looking down the funnel!!  The Master was Douglas Boucher who had his wife and (about) four year old daughter with him. He eventually took either the Madras or Orient when handed over to the Pakistanis.
Jake Vaughn was the Mate, Wardropper the C/E. John Cann.

Jaqueline after it was sold by RSL
Ship after she was sold to a Swedish in 1955 and renamed Jaqueline

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