Houston City (3)

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  14/11/64 - 24/08/65 16/09/625 - 24/02/66 11/03/66 - 21/03/67
Master Picton Davies Picton Davies Joe Thornhill
C/O Donald Jack Jim Murray ? John Lee
2/O Tony Crowther Tim lawson ? Dave Wooton
3/O John Hughes n/k n/k
C/E Ernie Wilkinson Ernie Wilkinson/John Wheaton John Wheaton/ Eric Poingdestre/ Len Taylor
2/E Jim Parker Dick Towning Dick Towning
3/E Colin Gateshill Colin Gateshill Colin Gateshill
4/E Gordon Ridley Allen Fisher ? From Newcastle Emlyn
J/E Alan Fisher John from Jarrow Eddie morgan
J/E John Snowball Roly from Jarrow Ivor Skidmore
J/E John Pottinger Fellow from Hull Ben
Elec Ken Hampton n/k Colin Pope
R/O Andy Ferguson Willie Cameron Andy Ferguson
C/S Leo Slawinski Charlie Conway Joe Wagner ?

Voyage 1.
Liverpool, Avonmouth, London, Sunderland D/D. - New Orleans- Cristobal (b) - Osaka, Sakaide - Portland Ore - Nagoya  -   Penang - Tobata, Moji (b) - Adelaide - Djibouti (b) - Hull .

Voyage 2.
Birkenhead - Antwerp -Pensacola, Mobile, Baton Rouge,- Houston - Cristobal (b) - Hiroshima, Yokohama - Kitimat - Stockton  Cal., Oakland, Long Beach - Guaymas - San Jose (Costa Rica ) Champerico (Guatamala),  Acajutla (El Salvador) - Corinto (Nicaragua), Cristobal (b) - Leixoes, Le Havre, Dunkirk, Rotterdam  Avonmouth.
Voyage 3.
Avonmouth - Galveston - Cristobal (b) - Yokohama, Yokosuka, Nagoya, Yawata, Kawasaki - Cristobal - Newark - Montreal - Cleveland, Duluth, Superior, Montreal (b) - Livorno, Oneglia, Genoa D/D - Tchamalti (Turkey) - Aden (b) - Kawasaki,  Chiba - Vancouver, Victoria - Tokyo - Mackay, Townsville - Moji, Wakamatsu, Yokohama, Tokyo - Geraldton, Fremantle - Djibouti (b) - London. 

(b) = bunker port.
Colin Gateshill. Sent by email 10 May 2012.

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