Houston City (3)

  Houston City.   Suez Canal.  March 1967.
Top  Eddie Morgan J/E. Unknown J/E.  Bottom,  Colin Gateshill 3/E  The guy with the beard was Al the elect. from Cardiff, and Ivor Skidmore J/E is to the right.
Colin water skiing in Genoa   Water skiing

Left: Colin Gateshill testing the setup.
SJ Wheaton C/E in the foreground.

Right: Andy Ferguson R/O with 'Candy', Deck App. on his shoulders.
SJ Wheaton never let the chance of a bit of relaxation go by.


Four junior engineers having a beer on deck   Five engineers on deck

Above left. 1965
John Pottinger J/E; Gordon Ridley 4/E; Allen Fisher J/E and Ken Hampton, Leckie. 

Above right. 1965
John Snowball and John Pottinger J/Es; Ken Hampton Elect; Gordon Ridley 4/E and Allen Fisher J/E.


Allen Fisher 4/E and the one and only Ernie Wilkinson. Late 1965, possibly November.
You will notice Ernie is wearing his Sunday best. In the cooler weather he would sometimes wear his uniform jacket, generally on top of this rig.

All photos copyright © Colin Gateshill.


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