Homer City (1)

Built in 1915 by Ropner at Stockton, for Great City Steamship Co.Ltd., Bideford.
4914: LBP 117.3m: Beam 16.2m: Service speed 11.0kts.

1915 Homer City. Great City Steamship Co.Ltd., Bideford.
1918 Homer City. St.Just Steamship Co.Ltd., Bideford.
1928 Homer City. Reardon Smith Line Ltd., Bideford.
1929 Wyndyke. Wyn Shipping Co.Ltd, London.
1932 Coularas-Xenos. A.Coularas, Hydra, Greece.
1941 Bombed and sunk off Gavdos Is, Greece, 2nd April, on passage from Piraeus to Port Said in ballast.


Photo of Homer City City
Homer City 1915 to 1929. Courtesy Clive Ketley Collection
Date and location of this photo not known.

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