General Smuts

Built in 1921 as Phoebus by Palmers at Hebburn, Tyne, for SA Les Affreteurs Reunis Rouen.
4879: LBP 117.7m: Beam 16.0m: Service speed 11.0kts.

1921 Phoebus, SA Les Affreteurs Reunis, Rouen.
1923 General Smuts, Oakwin Steamship Co. Ltd., Bideford.
1927 General Smuts, St.Just Steamship Co. Ltd., Bideford.
1929 General Smuts, Reardon Smith Line Ltd., Bideford
1934 Star of Egypt, Alexandria Nav Co SAE, Alexandria.
1950 Broken up May, by T W Ward Ltd., at Milford Haven.


General Smuts 1923 to 1934.

Notes:- The General Smuts was one of three vessels named in tribute to the company's association with South Africa after WW1. See also General Botha and General Lukin.

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