General Lukin

Built in 1919 as War Oasis by Gray at West Hartlepool, for British Government.
3099: LBP 100.9m: Beam 14.3 Service speed 11.5kts.

1919 War Oasis, London.
1919 War Oasis Ashwin & Co., London.
1920 Oakwin (1), Oakwin Steamship Co.Ltd., London. (W.R Smith & Sons Ltd).
1922 Oakwin (1), Sir William Reardon Smith & Sons Ltd.
1923 General Lukin, Sir William Reardon Smith & Sons Ltd.
1925 General Lukin, Oakwin Steamship Co.Ltd.
1927 General Lukin, St.Just Steamship Co.Ltd.
1928 Shoyei Maru, Shoyei Kisen KK, Tarumi, Japan.
1936 Shoyei Maru, Towa Kisen KK, Tarumi, Japan.
1939 Wrecked off South Gensan, Korea on 22nd June with a cargo of sulphuric acid.

The War Oasis was one of many Standard WW1 Standard Class C1 built at Grays and other yards, as well as in the US.


General Lukin 1923 to 1928. This photo taken when she was the Oakwin.

Notes:- The General Lukin was one of three vessels named in tribute to the company's association with South Africa after WW1. See also General Botha and General Smuts.

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