Empire Kestrel

Built in 1919 as the s.s.Lake Ellithorpe at the Great Lakes Engineering Works, Ecorse, on Lake Michican USA. 2674 gt. LBP 77.2m. Beam 13.3m. Her service speed was 9.5 knots. Built for the US Government.
1927 Sold to New England, New York and Texas Co.
1928 Owned by Newtex Steamship Co.
1932 Texas Trader. Name chenge only.
1940 Empire Kestrel. Acquired by MOWT and assigned to Reardon Smith Line Ltd.
1943 16th August 1943 under the command of Capt Hooper she was bombed and sunk off the North African Coast. 11 crew were lost.


Anglo African in the 1930's.

Lake Ellithorpe. New York 1929.
“Historical Collections of The Great Lakes Bowling Green State University”


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