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'Cardiff City' / 'Eastern Valley' whilst a Reardon Smith owned vessel. Built 1974 and finally scrapped in May 2001.
I sailed on this vessel as 2/0 when 'Eastern Valley' under the command of Captain John Pearsall in 1983.
Interesting to note the price when sold by receiver in 1985,was $1,650,000 yet new owner sold it for $2,750,000, 20 Months later. Then the next owner kept her for almost 2 years and sold her for $5,900,000 ! Jerry Coleman. Posted on forum 5 September 2009.

Cardiff City 16th January – 18th May 1976
I sailed on my 1st trip as J/R/O with Barry Everett R/O the Cardiff City joined in dry dock – Smiths of South Shields 16th January 1976. If my memory serves me right the ship was refitted to European standards including the radio room..  On 3rd Feb we sailed for Flushing, 4th Feb Canaries for orders, 9th Feb SOS Maria Luis sank 20 miles off Canaries, 11th Feb anchored (lots of fishing) at Nouadibou Mauretania for iron ore, 14th Feb sailed for Santurce Bilbao (awful swell), arr 19th Feb, strike bound & anchored finally sailed 18th March Key West for orders, 2nd Apr arr New Orleans for soya beans, 10th Apr Atlantic City also here & met up with R/O Roger Chugg,  12th Apr loading at Destrehan, 13th Apr sail for Panama & Kaohsiung Taiwan, 17th Apr chat on key with P.J.Barker on PAC & arr Cristobal, (whatever happened to Pete Barker?), 19th Apr cleared Panama, 2nd May passing Hawaii, 16th May arr Kaohsiung, 18th May pay off.
Flew home BA – Hong Kong, Bankok, Bombay, Tehran, Frankfurt, London
The Captain was ‘gentleman’ John Porteous, C/O k.H.Stevens, 2/O Terry Haxell/Alister Beevor-Reid, 3/0 L.J.Hicks, R/O Barry Everett, C/E Lenny Taylor, J/C/E D.S.Evans, 3rd Eng John Henry Davies, 4/E M.Corrie, J/4 Mark Causer, J/E Harry Dyke, J/E young Robbie Bell, Lecky M.J. Young, C/S Paul Delaney,.   Can anyone remind me of who else was on that voyage?
Nouadhibou is the western terminus for one of the world’s longest, heaviest trains 10,000 tons (?), a 220-car; mile-and-a-half long colossus that ferries iron ore from Zouerate to ships waiting in Nouadhibou’s cluttered harbour.
The mate had to be very careful how they loaded the iron ore there!!!  No cadets allowed ashore!
Garry Watts. Sent by email 26 June 2012.

I was first trip 4/E with you on the Cardiff City/Eastern Valley from Aug 83 to Feb 84. I joined at drydock in Durban.
Remember the hoopla of the baseball World Series in Baltimore and Philly and then later Christmas in Gladstone, Queensland. Was a good trip.
Our fellow shipmates were:-
Capt R Crawford, J Pearsall, C/O B Hopper, D Toon, 2/O P Roberts, J Coleman, M Lovibond, 3/O R Johnson
R/O R Smith, K Sellar, R Masters. Elec M. Bennington
C/E D Harrison, L Fletcher, 2/E N Nesbitt, 3/E M Jenkins, M Evans, N Millward, 4/E Myself
Nav Cadet E Neale. Carl Broughton. Posted on forum 24 August 2013.


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