Cardiff City (2)

Four engineers in the bar   Two engineers arriving Durban
Chris Caudy Elec, Willie John, Andy Keast and Jeff Morgan 2nd Eng.  

Arrival Durban. Willie John and Chris Caudy.
Photos copyright © Willie John.

Officers at a barbecue   Two officers at Barbecue

J/4/E Mark Causer, R/O Barry Everett, cadet Terry Tudshall?, 3rd/E Johm Henry Davies, J/4th Young Robbie Bell, C/S Paul Delaney


On the left Garry Watts and on the right Robbie Bell junior.

Discharging Soya Beans at Kaohsiung.

These three photos copyright © Garry Watts.

  Showing quayside with cargo of soya beans being discharged

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