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I spent most of my Apprenticeship on this vessel. From October 1951 to May 1953 I did four consecutive trips,then again from June 1953 to Feb 1954 as 3/O.
Once more,for my sins, I joined the ship as 2/O from May 1960 to Feb 61.
With regard to the blue line, I seem to recall the Mate delegating me and the Apps. to paint the line on whilst up in Calcutta, but unable to actually pinpoint who it was for..(looks like I was on her on both occasions)
Some people might question why I stayed in the vessel continuously for 2 years and 4 months and I can only say that this was the way things were in those days. Thankfully, Shipowners had to move with the times and,as we all know, conditions of employment improved considerably. John Cann. Posted on forum 30 November 2010.

Capt: Danny Lloyd, C/E: Arthur Thompson, 3/O: John Cann.
June 1953- vessel on passage from U.K to Norfolk.Va in very heavy weather. The prop more out of the water than in. Consequently, the engines racing with the Aspinal governor cutting in and out. 4 to 8 watch in the morning the 2/E, Billy Powe,was up in the middles, aft end and attempted to re engage the governor by hand, resulting in being trapped by his wrist and going up and down with the engine. When she finally stopped he was left hanging by his wrist. An empty 40 gallon drum was quickly found and Billy was able to stand on it to take the weight off his hand. Meanwhile, Arthur Thompson hacksawed through the triangular component trapping him. The 2/E was finally freed but sustained extensive damage to his wrist and forearm. He was eventually paid off in the States and returned to the U.K via "Queen Mary" It transpired that the American surgeons did an excellent job on him, but sadly his seagoing days were over. John Cann. Posted on forum 30 November 2010.

The foreman fitter at the place i served my apprenticeship was called Jimmy Pringle, and he was 3/E on the Bradford City at some time in the fifties. Obviously, he will have most probably passed away years ago. He was the one who put me in touch with RSL. I wonder if any of the "older" readers would have met him in their travels. Tex Graham-Russell. Posted on forum 15 March 2011.

Here is an interesting anecdote about the painting in of the purple respect band on the Bradford City, in 1961. This was to the memory of Douglas Reardon Smith, the Company Chairman, who died that year.
I remember the Purple line being painted by the Apprentices because just after they had finished it someone threw some grain from one of the holds we were cleaning out and it stuck to the fresh paint. The mate went absolutely berserk with the Bosun at the time. Funny how certain things stick in your mind. Chris Gundry. Posted on forum 31 December 2011.

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