Aya II

These photos show the Aya II when it had engine failure when passing through Active Pass. The vessel had to drop anchor very close to land, and was then towed to Elizabeth Bay.

Two engineers on deck   Aya II passing through Magellan Straits, 09/06/94. C/E Chris Kirton and 2/E Tim Broughton.
Aya II Sept 95, shortly before the 'hatchet man' came a calling and the final Brits were made redundant by CSM.
Officers having a barbeque   Officers on deck
Capt Mike Cox, 2/E A.Romero, Cadet R. Navarro, C/E Jerry Hughes, R/O Paul Bidmead and C/O Jose Romero.   3/E John Henry Davies, C/E Jerry Hughes, R/O Paul Bidmead and Capt Mike Cox.
All photos above copywrite © Mike Cox.
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