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Here is the crew and itinerary of the Atlantic City June 1968 to February 1969.

Master: DLG Jones / Joe Thornhill, C/O: Jim Murray, 2/O Evan Walmsley, 3/O: Not known, C/E:         Eric Poingdestre/Ernie Wilkinson (change over 3/10/68), 2/E: Dave Dyer, 3/E: Colin Gateshill, 4/E:     Rod Wilmott, J/E: John J. Baghurst, J/E: Nick Shilstone, J/E: Keith from Splott, Elect: Sean Cullinane,
R/O: HMS Williams ?, C/S: Les Smith.

Signed on Port Elizabeth 5/6/68 - Singapore (b) - Chiba - Panama - Baltimore - Panama
Tobata - Singapore (b) - P. Elizabeth - Singapore (b) - Nagoya, Hirohata - Dampier - Kawasaki
Yokohama D/D - Marmagao - Fukuyama - Marmagao. Paid off 13/2/69.
One of the best crews I sailed with. A good crowd from top to bottom.
Plenty of days at sea but enough laughs to compensate.
This was the trip when someone in Cardiff decide to run one of the generators on heavy oil.   BAD IDEA !!! If I had been paid for my overtime I could have bought the ship.
 So be it. Happy days. Colin Gateshill. Sent by email 27 June 2012.

I paid off the Atlantic City in Port Elizabeth.
The third mate who joined at that time was Patrick (Paddy) Waldron. Paddy and I were apprentices on the King City on my very first a couple of years earlier. I believe he finished up as master with Bell Container Lines in his native Ireland.
Keith from Splott was Keith Aust. We sailed together many years later when working for UK Dredging. Keith was, and I believe still is 2nd. Engineer on the UKD Bluefin. Wynford Phillips. Posted on forum 28 June 2012.

I listed two Masters above, namely DLG Jones and Joe Thornhill. I have a photo of DLG so I know he was there but I have no recollection of Joe Thornhill whatsoever. Problem is he signed me off and I have his autograph in my Discharge Book to prove it. Colin Gateshill. Posted on forum 01 July 2012.

Atlantic City. (Voy3 Port Elizabeth 5/6/68----Marmagoa 13/2/69).
Chartered to Chugely for last two loads from Marmagoa. Anchored outer-roads awaiting space at
loading gantry. Capt. Jones sustained head injury whilst trying to board agents launch at the outer anchorage (heavy swell) and required careful repatriation to U.K. for eye surgery to repair loose retina. Joe Thornhill came out as Replacement. Hope that clears up the mystery. Evan Walmsley. Posted on forum 24 July 2012.

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