Atlantic City (4)

Three officers at Christmas   Third and fourth engineers

Atlantic City Xmas 68. DLG Jones Master,  Les Smith C/S and Jim Murray C/O. 


Atlantic City probably Xmas 1968.
Colin Gateshill 3/E and Rod Wilmott 4/E

Second engineer eating a Cornish pastie  
Dave Dyers birthday. 1968.
L/R.  Eric Poingdestre C/E,  Colin Gateshill 3/E,  Dave Dyer 2/E, Keith Aust J/E,  Sean Cullinane  Elect.  Les Smith C/S.

Dave Dyer 2/E enjoying his birthday 'cake'.
Les Smith made him two Cornish pasties and made his day.

Second officer having a nap   Second Officer

Evan Walmsley 2/O
Atlantic City late 68


Atlantic City  late 1968.
Rod Wilmott, 4/E and Sean Cullinane, Elect. Back onboard after posting a couple of letters.

All photos copyright © Colin Gateshill.

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