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m.v. "AMPARO" Voyage RSL 10/ TMM 15 12/3/78 to 27/7/78
Master J.Cann
c/o Martyn Ingram 3/E Burton
2/O Smith 4/E Jones
3/O Breedon J4/E White
R/O McGinnes J/E Crawford
C/E Larry Williamson Elect Young
2/E Sandy Bruce C.Off Hayward

14/3 Yokohama 25/5 Yokaichi
26/3 Ensenada 27/5 Kobe
31/3 Manzanillo 5/6 Keelung
3/4 Mazatlan 9/6 Hong Kong
4/4 Acapulco 17/6 Kakogawa
9/4 Corinto/Cutuco 18/6 Kanda
14/4 Acajutla 21/6 Fukuoka
17/4 Champerico 24/6 Kobe
21/4 Manzanillo 30/6 Nagoya
2/5 Guaymas 4/7 Yokohama
23/5 Yokohama 19/7 Ensenada
24/5 Nagoya 25/7 Acapulco

2nd May at Guaymas TMM Supercargo Diego Hiralles
Loading progressing well when suddenly loud shouting emanating from No.3 hold.The C/O Martyn Ingram,observed a large black snake on top of the cargo and stevedores in a state of panic! The Mate immediately armed himself with a crowbar and endeavoured to descend into the hold. He was considerably delayed by virtue of the fact that as he was trying to get DOWN the ladder, he was obstructed by stevedores climbing all over him, GOING THE OTHER WAY!! By the time he had reached the snake, it had slithered off towards the ships side and gracefully slipped down between the ships side and spar cieling!! So here we are with a live reptile on the tank top covered by a three quarter full hold of cotton bales. It was stalemate for a while but Diego, with the aid of a little financial persuasion, coaxed the stevedores back.
The vessel finally completed loading by 1900 hours, May 5th and departed for Yokohama forthwith. Weather good and making 16.75 knots.
8th May:- Two sick persons were reported to me today- a young seaman coughing up large quantities of blood, and the Chief Cook who had appeared to have suffered a heart attack. At 1900, vessel deviated towards San Diego to rendezvous with a U.S. Coastguard helicopter to evacuate the seamen. About 300 miles SSW of San Diego,at 1825 hours, the helicopter was overhead and both men lifted off. Subsequently advised that the Cook had sadly died and that the seaman suffering acute T.B. All crew to be quarantined upon arrival Yokohama.
At 0900 May 23rd, Amparo was quaranteend when all hands subjected to "stool tests" Fortunately, all well.
Vessel was then taken to anchorage where No 3 hold was "gassed" The corpse of the snake was duly recovered and photographed Sent to Cardiff Office who submitted the photo to Cardiff University for identification. They confirmed that the reptile was HARMLESS!!!

June 9th- Hong Kong.
Vessel lying shackled to a buoy when a boat came alongside and an American gent came up the gangway only to be greeted by our 2nd Mate,(Smith). Now this chap had class and spoke with a beautiful English accent. There he was, resplendent in his whites & epaulettes. The visitor was taken aback (remember, Amparo was sailing under the Panamanian flag!) and visibly releived to know that the Officers were all British. He had just had a super duper yacht built and we were to transport it on deck back to Ensenada. I can honestly say I have never encountered a happier, grateful chap!
At Ensenada we discharged and launched the yacht ourselves by Heavy Lift derrick.
That night, we were lavishly entertained to a slap up dinner by one very happy Yank!!
And that, my friends, ends a tale of a routine TMM trip. John Cann. Posted on forum 2nd July 2009.

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