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The Amparo was my first vessel as a cadet. I joined her in Toronto on the 22nd July 1983 and signed off in Barcelona on the 18th December. We called at so many ports in that time, including New York, Baltimore, Vera Cruz, Tampico, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Las Palms and Tenerife.

The crew onboard during that time:
Master: Skinner & Lightfoot, C/O: Jowett & Stewart, 2/O: Faulkner & Smith, 3/O: Everett, C/E: Evans & Cullen, 2/E: Burton, 3/E: Combes & Warner, 4/E: White, Tuck & Holman. R/O: Bradley & Chugg, Elect: Hunt. Phil Tate. Posted on forum 5th September 2009.

I remember the 'Amparo' visiting 'Bibi' whilst both at anchor in Mazanillo bay around August 1979. We came over in our refurbished 'Jolly' boat to change the Walport video's. Some how the jolly boat became detached from 'Bibi' gangway and deck cadet Mike Cummins was sent overboard to retrieve our Jolly boat.

Crew List:
Master: Tim Lawson, C/O: Evan Walmsley, 2/O: Paul Manning, 3/0: Tim Ward, 4/O: Bob Sriggins, R/O: Bob Mckinnes, C/E: Larry Fletcher, 2/E: Bob Rees, 3/E: R.Taylor, 4/E: Alan White: J4/E: Nev Williams, J4/E: Dave Barkess, Elect: Dick Parker: C/S: Leslie B Surrey,Cadet: Jerry Coleman, Cadet: Mike Cummins. Jerry Coleman. Posted on forum 11th February 2010.

My only trip with TMM was on the Amparo as 4/E. One of my favourite trips, we spent a long time in Vera Cruz at anchor and alongside.
One thing that stands out was bunkering. Anywhere else would have been 8 to 12 hours but not in Mexico!!
The flow of bunker C would vary from very slow to stop for no apparent reason. Then having to drive to the tank farm with the fuel rep in that beat up old pick up truck to get the flow readings was an experience in itself.
As an aside, I remember going up to "the square" and drinking in a certain bar, what was it called? I remember there being a large number of Mexicans sitting at the outside tables and then the "maitre 'd" shooing them inside and us taking their seats. Was a bit concerned about that but nothing happened.
I am sure things would be very different now? Carl Broughton. Posted on forum 24th August 2010.

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