Welsh City (1)

Built in 1922 by Ropner of Stockton as Welsh City for St.Just Steamship Company.
6303 gt: LBP 125.5m: Beam 16.6m: Service speed 11.0kt

1922 Welsh City, St.Just Steamship Company Ltd.
1929 Welsh City, Reardon Smith Line Ltd.
1938 Maria Stathatos, G.N.Stathatos, Piraeus.

Bombed and sunk by German aircraft off Piraeus, near Milos on 26th April 1941. See notes on page 2.


Welsh City (1) at Vancouver.

Photo of Welsh City (1) taken about 1922/1925 at grain Terminal Vancouver.
Copyright: Photograph by Walter E. Frost courtesy of Vancouver City Museum Archives.

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