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When the Vancouver City arrived in Newport, from Falmouth, we were honoured with a visit by a M.O.T. Surveyor who was to carry out an investigation into the cause and extent of damage etc caused by the fire in No.3 hold.
As I was the incumbent Ch. Eng. the M.O.T. Surveyor asked to interview me and to show him not only the location but also the emergency fire pump operating.
(Those of us who sailed on this vessel should well remember that the emergency fire pump was located in a space in the forward transverse section of the duct tunnel !)
So after doing the necessary we returned to my cabin where paperwork perusal was carried out and the Surveyor started to chat. The first question was " Have you any idea who approved the difficult location of the Emergency fire pump ?" To which I replied " I honestly do not know Sir but surely your colleagues in Glasgow must have known" Silence prevailed for a short period and then " Chief your face seems familiar ?" to which (with much glee) I was able to respond with " Yes Sir sometime ago you kindly bestowed me with my Ch. Eng's Ticket. " Jon Hewson. Posted on forum 3 February 2015.

Jonathan. Your story reminds me of a similar incident. As Master of the "PAC" we docked in Cardiff and the Chairman decided we should have a dinner on board, entertaining Cardiff Maritime dignitaries.
The table seating arrangements were such, that I was seated opposite the BOT Examiner who had failed me in Masters Orals! Now this was a case where I was most diplomatic - consequently NOT identifying myself to this gentleman!! All I can say is that he failed me nicely!! John Cann. Posted on forum 3 February 2015.

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