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Joined 17/05/87 - Newark, New Jersey USA. Paid Off 01/12/87 - Yokosuka Japan

Ports Visited: Newark, Manzanillo, Yokosuka, Houston, Norfolk, Vera Cruz, Balboa, Puerto Caldera, Iqueique, Valparaiso, Lazaro Cardenas, Yokosuka, Norfolk, Newark, Providence, Acapulco, Puerto Quetzal, Acajutla, Manzanillo, Guam, Yokosuka.

Officers: Capt: A D Lightfoot & T R McNulty, C/O: M. Frazer & D C Toon, 2/O: J Coleman, 3/0: Jose Abel Cardenas Chavez, R/0: R. Masters & C.Macey, C/E: P. Evans & D. Trigg, 2/E: N. Nesbitt & K. Negele & B. Hocking, 3/E: T. Broughton, Elec: K. Bean, C/S: D. Gowsell & L. Slawinski.

Tepozteco or Teapot as it was known amongst officers and crew, was a pure car carrier with very basic accomodation ( Built for Japanese ). Notorious for daily main engine break downs and burnt out exhaust valves. Jerry Coleman. Posted on forum 10 October 2010.

I did a voyage on the "Teapot", just the one. I remember that we had to start the turbocharger turning with a broom shaft. Once it was turning it was OK. It was a never ending job changing and overhauling burnt out exhaust valves. Scrapping was the best thing that could have happened to her. Trevor Graham-Russel. Posted on forum 30 October 2010.

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