Built in 1900 as Poldhu, by J Blumer at North Dock, for The Poldhu Steamship Co., St.Ives.
2793 gt: LBP 97.4: Beam 14.1m Service speed 9.0kts.

1902 Poldhu, Poldhu Steamship Co.Ltd., St.Ives.
1918 Stromness, Letrichoux Line Ltd., Swansea. 
1920 Bravore, A/S Vore , Farsund, Norway.
1923 Sakaye Maru, Kawasaki Kisen KK, Kobe Japan.
1944 sunk by US submarine Bang in 24.12N:122.53E on 23rd November.


Sakaye Maru

Note:- Though recorded in the Company records, that together with Buchaness (1), Dungeness,Hurliness, Skegness (1), Wastness  and Yarborough, she was purchased from Letrichoux David  of Swansea, in 1919, there is no evidence available that she actually sailed under any of the Reardon Smith flags before being sold on again in 1920.

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