Built in 1900 as Polurrian, by J Blumer at North Dock, for The Pollurian Steamship Co., St.Ives
2801 gt: LBP 97.4: Beam 14.4m Service speed 9.0kts.


1900 Polurrian, Pollurian Steamship Co.Ltd., St.Ives.
1917 Skegness, English Steamship Co.Ltd., Swansea. 
1919 Skegness, Cornborough Steamship Co.Ltd., Swansea.
1924 Sapporo Maru No.11, K.Inukami, Japan.
1945 sunk by US submarine Barb in 46.04N:142.14E. on 5th July.


Skegness 1917 to 1924. No photo currently available.

Note. The Skegness was previously owned by the Polrurrian Steamship Company. Cornish shipowners could not hope to rival the Welsh shipowners because of the lack of industrial base and a lack of coal source. However, there were a few around.

William Badcock, a St.Ives man and former employee of the Hain Steamship Company set up the Polurrian Steamship Company in 1900 and named his first ship S.S. Polurrian. The following year he started the Poldhu Steamship Company Ltd and named his second ship S.S. Poldhu. In 1909 he moved from St.Ives to Cardiff and took delivery of his third ship named S.S. Polvarth. Between 1910 and 1913 he purchased three second-hand ships and re-named them Polmanter, Polcarne and Polperro, using the Cornish prefix "POL" meaning pool or cove.
In 1916 William changed his surname from Badcock to Badco and by the end of the First World War all of his ships had been sold with the exception of S.S.Polvarth which had been torpedoed by a German U-Boat in the North Atlantic in 1917.
In 1919 both the Polurrian Steamship Company Ltd and the Poldhu Steamship Company Ltd went into liquidation. (This note supplied by David Ricketts).

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