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Management meeting in Whistler BC. Seeing the Winter Olympic games being held at Whistler reminds me of two management meetings we had there when CSM was managers of the Skeena.
Captain Ray Howard director of Seaboard arranged a management meeting when both the Skeena and one of the Norwegian ships were in Vancouver.
Only sufficient people were left on board to run the ship whilst it was loading cargo.

The first evening 18th October 1984 was a get together and dinner in the hotel restaurant hosted by Ray Howard. This was particularly memorable to me as with the second meeting it was also my 50th birthday. The rooms were designed for self catering and had two bedrooms set over two floors so it was very enjoyable for the time we were there.
The next day we all sat around a large table in the meeting room and discussed the way the two ships were run, and to see if the ships' officers had any ideas how things could be improved.
David Griffith-Jones and Michael Thomas had joined the Skeena and had sailed up the coast to Vancouver. Bob Baker was Master of the Skeena at the time. Richard Reardon Smith and Ian Jones had flown out from the UK, and I had flown from Tokyo as I was working in the Yokohama office at the time. Eric Poingdestre. Posted on forum 24th February 2010.

Ships Company:-Captain R. Baker, I. Woollard, T. Price, J. Hudson, B. Everett, C. Burton, W. Shannon, M. Martyn-Johns, J. Grainger, A. Gouldie, D. Sturdy, M. Bowen, F. George, A. Viner, A. Marren, R. Wilkins, M. Beck, S. Hurrell, P. Jones, D. Lineham, N. McLennan, P. Mules, B. Williams, P. Miller, D. Phillips, J. O. Phillips.

I remember flying out to Portland Oregan to join the Skeena in March 1985 with the intention of taking it across the Pacific until we could pick up some Hong Kong crew then pay-off - five months later and we're still there, well you know the usual story! Good ship with a great bunch of officers - JJ Moore was there, Tim Broughton and Robin as the master - good times. Simon Hembury. Posted on forum 13th May 2011.

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