Adrian Jutsum

I joined in 1970 from HMS Conway and served as a cadet on Orient City (elegant looking but an old tub), Wlkawa, Devon City (a really happy ship- the engineers were Geordies and mad!), Chiyoda and finally uncertificated third mate on New Westminster City. I thought I was pretty average as third mate but John Cain had some kind words so maybe not that bad.

After sea I went to uni and one live in Australia and was trying to explain to someone at work why the people in the MN were so special. I think it came down to having to sort out problems and think laterally ;out at sea you cannot call the repair man or the workshop we had to do it. That said, however, it must have been hard on the Cornish City and the other one (Welsh City?) with the Ruston engines..

I am glad I got out as the profession was decimated by politicians but I am so glad I did it and the many great people I encountered along the way.